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Product announcements from top manufacturers


Leko LED 600


Part of our Theatrical line, the Spektra Leko LED 600 is our most powerful Leko. Equipped with a 600W COB LED lamp and flicker free technology, it is the perfect lighting fixture for any large venue that uses video/film and needs a light that can reach a longer distance. Being a 2in1 color fixture, it has the capability to give the user Cool White & Warm White color temperatures (3,000-6,000K) along with the manual blades (4) system to create a sharp or soft edge beam while bringing out the natural skin tones. This is the perfect Leko fixture for any large theatre, stage, studio, or house of worship like setting.


LS-1 Lightshark Controller 


The LS-1 brings together the best features from the world of the LightShark software engine and marries them to an intuitive, ergonomic hardware control surface. 4 encoders, 10 master playbacks and a color built-in display, combined with a complete set of RGB buttons, give the users a full console platform able to manage incredible shows in a very reduced size, which is compatible with airplane carry-on luggage.


Invisible Series


Introducing all new Invisible Series by Sonance featuring Motion Flex Technology. The Invisible Series incorporates new breakthroughs in installation and audio quality. The audio performance from the Invisible Series speakers firmly entrenches Sonance as the unrivaled leader in discreet performance audio.

IPORT - Luxe


IPORT LUXE takes the IPORT removable iPad experience to the next level. With precision machined aluminum compounds that comprise minimalist-designed enclosures and stations, LUXE blends in with any highly designed space.




WTS 708 WORK PRO Lifter

WTS 708. The WTS Series means a change of concept within the front load towers, as it introduces the new Structural Mode. This Structural Mode does not use the winch to lift the load, but involves lifting the load with the help of a manual or electric hoist. That is, the tower is used as a structure that is all locked to the required working height. Once the tower is raised to this desired height, the load must be raised with the hoist. The Structural Mode performs improved loading capacities.


Rosé LED 200 Zoom


Part of our Theatrical line, the Spektra Rosé LED 200 Zoom is a LED profile lighting fixture with the classic style of a Fresnel which makes it suitable for theatrical or stage lighting. Incorporated with barn doors to block out unwanted light and a 200W COB LED lamp that is capable of providing Warm White & Cool White spectrums (2,700-5,600K) to bring out the natural skin tones and easily deliver brightness. What really sets the fixture apart from others is that it has a motorized zoom (5-60º), flicker free technology, CRI of up to 97. This makes it ideal for covering a big stage area with its motorized zoom while still giving the natural look desired on film/video. A must have  for any theatre, stage, studio, or house of worship like setting.



D'Angelico Guitars

Deluxe Bedford SH Limited Edition


The Deluxe Bedford SH Limited Edition is back in three stunning new colorways. A semi-hollow spin on our flagship solid-body and tonal dream machine, the Bedford SH features two Seymour Duncan Five-Two's in the neck and middle positions followed by a Seymour Duncan SM-1b mini-humbucker in the bridge, creating a full-bodied yet remarkably articulate tonal profile, while a 5-way blade makes tone selection simple. 


Tascam Series 208i Audio Interface | TOM QUAYLE


I was recently asked to review the Tascam Series 208i audio interface for Guitar Interactive Magazine. I was so impressed that I decided to contact Tascam and ask if I could buy one for myself. In this video I talk through my thoughts about the 208i and tell you why I wanted one for my own setup.


Pigtronix Infinity 2 | Hi-Fi Stereo Double Looper

Pigtronix Infinity 2 is a stereo looping pedal with two independent loops. It enables musicians to seamlessly switch between parts, even during initial recording or while overdubbing. This Verse / Chorus type of workflow is further expanded by the ability to delete the loop that is not currently playing—freeing up an open slot for a new loop to be created, without interrupting playback.