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• Dave Dartnall – Focus Worship Northwest -  Commenting on the 5,400-seat Overlake Community Church space, Dartnall says, “I walked every seat in the auditorium as a test, listening for dropouts and audio anomalies, and sat for a moment in the worst possible seats in the auditorium.  I asked the question, ‘If I was paying money for a concert in this room with this system, would I ask for my money back?’ And I honestly had to say, ‘No.’ Even at the extreme angles of the side stairways directly to the side of the speakers, the sound was good enough that the normal person would not feel like it was less than the ‘sweet spot’ of the system. Amazingly, I could hear everything clearly, including a stereo image from the far side.

I was so surprised by the sound of the system I asked if they (Tectonic) would be willing to bring it to one of our Focus Worship Workshops so our conference attendees could enjoy it. They did, and we enjoyed it. It was so much better than the current system in the room. We received dozens of comments about how good it sounded. The only thing better than the speakers, is the Tectonic Audio team members!!!”

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