From: CEO/President of Roland Corporation

“Ed Ulibarri and John Hernandez are two of the most experienced and successful representatives in the music products industry.  They both start with years of “real-world” retail experience.  They’ve been on the sales floor and they understand the challenges that today’s store owners and sales people face on a daily basis.  Combine that with decades of wholesale experience with high-tech musical electronics, they have the product knowledge needed in today’s environment.  They are two of the hardest working, dedicated, supportive people I know.  They’ll work incredibly hard for your business – and your business will be better off because of them.  Dennis Houlihan – Retired Chairman & CEO – Roland Corporation U.S. & Former NAMM Chairman”

Best regards,


CEO/President of Roland Corporation

From: President-Easy Music Center

John Hernandez is proactive, prompt, and precise.  What he says he will do always gets done.  Very few reps I know follow up quickly on pesky things like RA requests.  Paying attention to large POs and small requests like special adaptors or RAs, John treats all business with equal importance and exceptional follow through.



Peter Dods


Easy Music Center

1314 South King Street G1

Honolulu, Hawaii 96814

Ph: 808-591-0999

Fax: 808-591-1287



From: Owver-Bizarre Guitar

We found Ed Ulibarri to be a very competent representative during his 26 years as our Roland Rep. His product knowledge is second to none, and he had more answers than our staff had questions. He has very good training skills as our employees were trained properly on all Boss and Roland products that our store stocks. He always kept us in the loop for any deals or promotions that were being offered. He also worked with us on getting the very best pricing that was available. He is a good solid man and will do any company a most excellent service.

Greg Golden

Owner Bizarre Guitar

Reno, NV

From: President-Bananas at Large

Ed U has been an tremendous partner to Bananas at Large. Ed U supported me, my store, my staff and my customers with the utmost professional service. I consider Ed an asset to my company, a partner and a friend. No other rep has worked as hard to make his line successful at Bananas, not only for himself and his company but for us and our customers as well. He has a unique perspective most reps do not have. He has a high work ethic, solid morals and does not let dealers down.

Any manufacturer or distributor would be lucky to have him represent their products.

Alan Rosen

Bananas at Large – President

San Rafael, CA




World Class Pianos
1471 Burlingame Ave.
Burlingame, CA 94010
Date: December 12, 2010
 I have been in the music retail business for 53 years and at one time had 11 stores with 115 employees. I do know how important a great employee is to a company.
John Hernandez is one of the best representative that I have worked with in this industry!
John would always come by and demo the new models, help us with any Roland questions, is very knowledgeable and very dedicated to the business; I would say that it’s more like a passion to him.
He takes calls day or night, weekends, and always ready to help, so why would you give up such great talent and a dedicated employee.
World Class Pianos
Joseph Brattesani

“During the last eight years, I have had the pleasure of working with Marc Gonzales who was my District Sales Manager with Roland Corporation. During this time, he never failed to go the extra mile in helping me and my staff build my retail business based on strong marketing potential of the innovative products we purchased from Boss/ Roland. Additionally, with Marc’s help and cooperation, I was able to secure a long term contract bid from the Los Angeles Unified School District, which is still ongoing after six years.”

“Marc took the time to understand the requirements of my business and the direction I chose to go in. He partnered with me and helped me move that vision forward.”

George J. Sallustio

Owner of Charles Music

Glendale, CA.


After being in the music retail business for over 42 years, there are only been a few reps in the music retail industry I have always enjoyed coming into my store.  Marc Gonzales is one of these few gentleman.  His friendliness and knowledge of his products and  his enthusiasm is second to none!

George Kaye

Kaye’s Music Scene

Reseda, Ca