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Amahi Ukuleles strives to offer the highest quality instruments at affordable prices.

Every new Aston Microphone is an event; an industry-shaking rethink of what has gone before. We don’t bring out mics to play catch-up with other brands, we design and build from ground-up, always refusing to believe that world-class sound has to mean dream-shattering price tags. In its short history the brand has won industry awards from all quarters, including the coveted NAMM TEC Award for ‘Best Microphone’ (Aston Stealth 2020).

We are the only mainstream microphone company still manufacturing many of our products in the UK, using locally sourced components where possible.

Hosa Technology, Inc. is the top choice for premium cables, adaptors, and other audio and video accessories. As the leading supplier of analog and digital connectivity solutions to the musical instrument, broadcast, theater, and professional audio/video industries, our products are manufactured to meet or exceed the demands of today’s professional.

Over the past ninety years, Kawai has earned a reputation for outstanding quality and workmanship in the crafting of world-class musical instruments. Today, Kawai acoustic and digital pianos are a top choice of pianists,teachers, churches, students and piano enthusiasts around the globe.

So we've been at it for a while now... perfecting the art of building the world's best guitars. How did we do it? Lots of intensive sound research. Engineering. Scientific breakthroughs like realizing that by aligning the medullary rays in a crosshatch pattern during the cutting of sitka spruce tops, you can actually make a top stronger, more resilient and actually more responsive because you can make it a little thinner and lighter without compromising the sonic character of the wood.

NUX made the industry debut in 2006. Whether a professional singer-songwriter, hobbyist, weekend warrior, or the next star, NUX has a wide range of analog and digital products to satisfy any musical genre.

Superbly crafted Classical,Spanish and Flamenco Guitars along with Ukulele,Mandolins,Banjos, cases and percussion.

Parkwood guitars are all about premium quality: hand selected materials and superb craftsmanship.
Braces are hand scalloped and cosmetic appointments are elegantly applied. Parkwood guitars are finished in an ultra thin finishes that let the sound come through loud and clear. But what really makes the difference is the value. Parkwood is the only choice for expertly built guitars with exceptional playability and great tone, always available at excellent price range.

Source Audio brings to the audio effects market a powerful team with skills in analog and digital circuit design, algorithm and effects development, and marketing and business management.

Wharfedale Pro is a renowned brand that has established itself as a prominent player in the world of professional audio equipment. With a rich history dating back several decades, Wharfedale Pro has consistently delivered high-quality sound solutions for a diverse range of applications, from live performances and events to studio recording and installations. Known for their innovative approach and dedication to pushing the boundaries of audio technology, Wharfedale Pro offers a comprehensive lineup of products including speakers, amplifiers, mixers, and other audio peripherals. Whether you're a musician, sound engineer, or audio enthusiast, Wharfedale Pro's commitment to excellence makes them a trusted choice for achieving exceptional sound experiences.

You may not know us as X2 Double Acoustic Pickups, but you have been seeing and hearing our products as the custom pickups for many famous brands of guitar makers as well as the manufacturer for “name brand” pickup companies.

Now, you can get stunning acoustic sound reproduction for a fraction of the cost.