Luxé Rose XT Review


The GAMMA Luxé Rose XT is a cool wash light, similar to a fresnel with zoom and included barn doors.  It's a great fit for a lot of venues that need a solid, white front light.

James Loudspeaker

Small Aperture Series

Learn about James Loudspeaker Small Aperture Series solutions in this video as we talk to the James Loudspeaker engineers and experts. 

LEA Professional

Overview: Connect Series by LEA Professional


Introducing the world's first Internet of Things (IOT) enabled, professional-grade amplifier family – the Connect Series. Perfectly suited for small to medium scale installations, these two, four, and eight channel amps feature direct HiZ (70V or 100V) or LoZ selectable by channel. With three ways to connect, you can engage the built in WiFi access point, connect to the venue's WiFi, or use the FAST Ethernet to connect to any local area network via Cat5 or Cat6 cable.


HD96 Update


Join Pete Sadler giving us the latest update and features for the Midas Heritage-D HD96 live digital mixing console.

MPS Acoustics

NeoCon 2023 Showroom Transformation


See how MPS Acoustics gets down to business with game-changing baffles and wall systems that dampen unwanted noise, and help employees focus. Do your best work with thoughtfully designed acoustics and sound-masking from MPS.


JP4 Series of AV-Over-IP Products, Outputting H.264, H.265 and JPEG2000


Netvio Showcases JP4 Series of AV-Over-IP Products, Outputting H.264, H.265 and JPEG2000




The Sonance OMNI-6T is an Omnidirectional 70V/100V/8 Ohm loudspeaker, designed to deliver 360 degree coverage in applications such as resort gardens, hotel pool areas, theme parks, outdoor shopping malls, and open residential outdoor spaces.


Case Study
Malibu Wine Safari


Nestled in the hills of Malibu, California, Malibu Wine Safari has become a popular destination for wine tasting aboard an open-top safari vehicle, while touring the historic 1,000-acre Saddlerock Ranch. With private events, tour groups, and animal encounters occurring simultaneously, the challenge was to deliver high quality sound at consistent sound levels throughout the premises, while ensuring volume levels were comfortable to listen to from any location.


Invisible Series

Introducing all new Invisible Series by Sonance featuring Motion Flex Technology. The Invisible Series incorporates new breakthroughs in installation and audio quality. The audio performance from the Invisible Series speakers firmly entrenches Sonance as the unrivaled leader in discreet performance audio.

Stewart Filmscreen

Meet the Brand Q&A


Q&A with Robert Keeler, Vice President of Sales for Stewart Filmscreen at




Showreel of some recent installations of Tannoy QFlex, speaking with the consultants, integrators and clients involved; highlighting the benefits of digitally steerable loudspeaker systems.


Invisible Installs

TRUFIG Explains their Invisible Installs


InfoComm 2023: Visionair-e Shows Helios IP65 Outdoor High Brightness Screen for Retail, Hospitality


InfoComm 2023: Visionair-e Presents Evolve Transparent LCD Screen for Retail, Museums and More




EQ2 Programmable Equalizer

The EQ2 Programmable Equalizer is the most powerful and advanced equalizer pedal on the planet. It is a combination graphic and parametric equalizer with 10 fully adjustable frequency bands, stereo ins & outs, MIDI In and Thru jacks, 4 or 8 onboard presets, 128 MIDI accessible presets, an additional 12dB volume boost, and the ability to simultaneously run two separate and unique EQ settings, each of which can be independently routed to either stereo output.







In true Aston tradition, pretty much everything about Element is proprietary, from the all-new capsule to the signal-smoothing, waveform contoured chassis and that cool purple badge, which glows reassuringly to indicate the presence of 48v phantom power.




In this video, Richard Powell from Aston gives us a complete run down on what makes the Aston Element such a great choice for first time microphone purchasers and audio professionals alike.

Kempa Guitars

Family Series | R122-7/8

Check out these amazing new guitars from Kepma with built-in effects! All solid wood, super high quality stage-ready guitars made to be played - now available at Music Villa!


Mighty Lite BT


In his video we will share everything we know about a very cool new product, which is called NUX Amp Academy.


Mighty Lite BT

Trying out the N-UX Mighty Lite BT amplifier. A small practice amplifier that can kind of fit in your pocket.

Ortega Guitars

Family Series | R122-7/8



Family series guitars are our most popular instruments. Offering a wide variety of scale lengths, nut widths, configurations and colors, this series is perfect for players of all ages and skill levels. The quality of construction and attention to detail is completely consistent from the ¼ sizes through the full sizes, truly setting these guitars apart. Add an included deluxe gig bag with all models and the Family series is the best value available.

Ortega Guitars

Billy Watman | Cryptic


Billy is an award winning Anglo-Brazilian instrumental guitarist – inspired by Rodrigo y Gabriela, Tommy Emmanuel & Mike Oldfield – his style fuses across the genres of Flamenco, Classical and Fingerstyle Acoustic.

Ortega Guitars

Traditional Series | R190G


Hand made in Spain, the Traditional series combines classic North American Cedar and Spruce tops with a variety of luxurious tonewoods on the back and sides of the instrument to create surprisingly affordable guitars, suitable for classical performances at every level.

Ortega Guitars

Horsekick Pro | Official Demo


The Ortega Guitars HORSE KICK V2 & HORSE KICK PRO digital stomp boxes are great tools for guitarists, singers, songwriters and street performers wanting to add a percussive element to any performance. With digital samples of real percussion instruments the HORSE KICK stomp boxes are the perfect companion for the stage, the studio or for busking on the streets. Just connect your favorite HORSE KICK to any amplifier or sound system and enhance your solo performance.


This drum set doesn't need much space - just 1.5 square meters ! That's it ! Place it anywhere you want. You can practice in your room and then move it to the living room for the big performance.You can easily move it outdoors for backyard parties. It's unbelievably lightweight so just about anyone can move it with ease.



Source Audio

True Spring Reverb & Tremolo Pedal Demo


The True spring incorporates and improves upon the Spring Reverb algorithms found in the Ventris, and adds engines from their Vertigo Tremolo.

Source Audio

C4 Synth

The C4 Synth unites all the sound construction tools of a classic Eurorack modular synthesizer and packages them in a compact and easy-to-use effects pedal for guitar or bass. It is essentially a modular synth in a box with unprecedented tracking abilities, lightning-fast response, and a vast universe of sound options.

Source Audio

Collider Delay+Reverb

Design complex soundscapes in seconds with the Collider Delay+Reverb. Source Audio hand-picked 12 standout delay and reverb effects from their award winning Nemesis Delay and Ventris Dual Reverb, and put them together in one compact housing with massive power and a dead simple control. The Collider’s intuitive control surface makes it easy to mix-and-match any two-engine combination of delay and reverb. Dual footswitches provide individual Engage/Bypass control over each effect making it a perfect choice for live performance.